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Manage notifications in Teams – Microsoft Support

To be notified about all your shown channels, select All activity · To be notified only when you are @mentioned or when you receive replies to your messages in …

Mark a notification as read or unread or unfollow the channel it appears in in Microsoft Teams.

Manage notification settings – Microsoft Support

Choose your notification settings … To modify your notification style, select Appearance and sound > Notification style: … Under Teams and channels, choose …

Training: Manage and choose which notifications to receive, where to receive them, and how often you get them in Microsoft Teams. Learn more in this online video.

First things to know about notifications – Microsoft Support

Six things to know about Microsoft Teams notifications. Where to find settings and how you’ll get notified of activity.

Manage your notifications – Microsoft Support

In Microsoft Teams (free), your Activity Feed shows notifications for items such as unread messages, @mentions, replies, and reactions in your chats.

Change your notifications style in Teams – Microsoft Support

You can now choose between styles of Teams desktop notifications: either the default Teams purple notifications, or your device’s notification style.

Change your Teams notifications style to Windows 10 native notifications.

Customize channel notifications in Teams – Microsoft Support

Customize channel notifications in Teams · Go to the channel name and select More options Format icon in Teams. > Channel notifications > Custom. Customize your …

Learn how to get notifications for a specific activity in a channel by turning on channel notifications in Microsoft Teams.

Mute notifications during a meeting in Teams – Microsoft Support

From the top right corner of Teams, select Settings and more Teams more icon > Settings > Notifications. · Scroll down to Meetings and Calls and select Edit.

Learn how to mute notifications from occurring while you’re in a meeting in Microsoft Teams.

Managing Microsoft Teams Notifications

Microsoft Teams Notifications – Communication Square LLC

Manage Teams Notifications Settings. Teams’ application-wide notification settings can be found under your profile. To view or change settings, click on your …

In Teams, you can decide what notifications you receive, where you receive them. Learn more about Microsoft Teams Notifications.

Get Your Head Around Microsoft Teams Notifications

How to turn on feed notifications for Teams … Feed notifications can be turned on or off for one-on-one chats and group chats. But you cannot turn them off for …

Microsoft Teams notifications – do they help or hinder your workload? Find out how to turn on/off different types of notifications here.

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